About us

dA Architecture is a partner who reads changes of the environment first and
Proactively advises on countermeasures for our client’s success.

about us

dA Architecture founded in May 2001 has started from a small group of designs that sought the alternatives of architectures in the urban perspective. Starting from Sangam New Millennium Housing Complex in 2001, it performed many large-scale projects to develop new areas in the Korean architectural industry through sustainable cities that were harmonized with natural environment, architectural approaches that empathized the urban context and continuity with surrounding landscape, planning skill based on eco-friendly value, and so on.

In particular, it suggested the new design area of ‘urban architecture’ breaking the boundary of the conventional cities and architectures by substituting cities as the three-dimensional dynamic units combining with architectural plans rather than dealing them with the two-dimensional physical units. Since then, it showed the excellent performances in the large-scale public housing complexes and the large-scale development projects such as PF businesses based on the comprehensive problem-solving skills combining cities with architectures.

While dA Architecture continues to try to advance the technologies, it shows the successes of the multiple projects concentrating on the architectural design with artistic sense. It recognizes the importance of differentiation well in the architectural designs to develop the creative urban landscape as well as plans of apartments or cities like the recent winning projects including Gyeongsangbuk-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services and Gimpo Han River Cinepolis, and implements that successfully.

dA Architecture will be your sincere partner that understands the environmental changes proactively and advises the countermeasures in advance for your success.

Thank you.