The Value Created by dA

d symbolizes the diversity that architecture and architect should hold and A does its harmonization.
dA means dA’s own way that discovers the new value from them.

We are designers.

  • designers

    We design with our own philosophy and viewpoint.
  • difference

    Among these diversities, we seek the new potentials,
  • dream

    to design the integrative solution that everyone dreams.

Architecture is
our origin and future.

  • Architecture

    We would like to do architectures
  • Associates

    We gathered
  • Another Possibility

    and found the new possibility.

Clear Space

The space surround by the logo is the minimum margin to maintain the optimum state of legibility and attractiveness.

Color Palette

Dedicated colors can be used in multiple visual aides.
All the materials are determined with the standard of Pantone colors.

Primary Color
dA black

Pantone 426 C
C0 M0 Y50 K100
R0 G0 B0

dA white

C0 M0 Y0 K0
R255 G255 B255

Secondary Color
dA green

Pantone 3268 C
C75 M0 Y50 K0
R8 G184 B157

dA silver

Pantone 877 C

dA gold

Pantone 8004 C